the lunchbox club --is now --in session

These kid-friendly back-to-school recipes make the grade

Looking for lunch ideas that the kids will love? You’ve wandered into the right clubhouse. You’re now an official member of The Lunchbox Club, where the one and only Chef Karter has some innovative, fun, and nutritious lunch recipes that kids can make themselves. And with Dietz & Watson’s wide selection of deli meats and cheeses, you can feed all your little honor roll students at a great value. So, sit back and relax, mom and dad. When it comes to school lunches, the kids are packin’.


Chef Karter shows us that making kid charcuterie lunch is easy as ABC. All you need is Dietz & Watson Capocolla, Uncured Honey Ham, Sliced Pepperoni, Colby Jack, Pepper Jack, Bacon & Horseradish Cheddar, Garlic & Dill Dietz Chips, and your favorite smattering of honey, crackers, and nuts. Check out the video to see Chef’s Pepperoni Rose tutorial and how to arrange and pack up your goodies to take to school.

check it out.
A Dietz & Watson blue lunchbox behind a charcuterie.

A Dietz & Watson lunchbox behind a try of meat/cheese roll-ups.

pinwheels & --roll-ups

Looking for a fun lunch idea? This is how Chef Karter rolls! For his Pinwheels, Chef takes a wrap and layers on our Cajun Style Mayo, Sliced Chicken Breast, and Sliced Cheddar Cheese. Then simply roll up, slice, and secure the wheels with toothpicks.

For the Roll-Ups, get your Dietz & Watson Corned Beef and layer on Sliced White Cheddar, Dietz Chips, Chipotle Mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes. Then, just roll up the whole thing and secure with a toothpick. Lunch is served.

let’s roll!

lunch skewers

Who doesn’t love lunch on a stick? Follow along as Chef Karter artfully layers on Dietz & Watson American Cheese, Chicken Breast, Roast Beef, and grapes. A little bit of arranging and you’re ready to hit the books.

make ‘em!
A Dietz & Watson lunchbox behind a tray of meat/cheese skewers.

From all of us at Dietz & Watson, we hope you’re having a happy and healthy back-to-school season. Follow along for more recipes and tag us in your little chef’s creations for a chance to be featured on our socials.

the wrap up

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