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Do you have what it takes to work at Dietz & Watson? Do you have a pleasant disposition, a rock-solid work ethic, and an unquenchable love for meat and cheese? If so, we might have just the thing for you. We’re currently filling positions in markets across the country.

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bring your own--bread plus...

We've got perks for days. By far, our most delicious is BYOB lunch (that’s “bring your own BREAD”). We have all the fixins needed to make a masterpiece sandwich every day. summary of rights

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our values

Values are the foundation of success for any team. After 80 years in the meat and cheese game, ours have gone platinum.

our values - transparency


Just like it’s our consumers’ right to know where their food comes from and how it’s made, we believe it’s our employees’ right to know how things operate on the inside. We’re into big conversations, answering questions, never asking anyone to do a job we wouldn't do ourselves, and championing well-being at work and at home.

our values - quality


At Dietz & Watson, quality is our North Star, and we believe that if we wouldn’t put it on our table, it’s certainly not good enough for yours. We take that same dedication to raising the bar and apply it to every job we offer. Because a career is so much more than collecting a paycheck. We consider it our responsibility to offer a safe and happy work environment and provide plenty of education and training for advancement.

our values - choice


We've spent 80 years crafting product for all kinds of tastes. Because we believe having choice is the hand-crafted spice of life. We know that when it comes to careers, our employees have plenty of options. We’re honored that they have chosen us and we work hard every day to prove to them that they’re making the best choice for themselves and their families. We also work hard to provide our employees with the job that's just right for their ability and interest.


Our founding great-grandfather, Gottlieb Dietz, taught us that family always comes first. And when you work at Dietz & Watson, you're a part of ours. We’re grateful for those who clock in with us every morning and commit their time, energy and smarts to get the job done. We show this by treating everyone with lots of love and respect. We don't really know any other way.