about us--and our mission

We're a family business in the business of feeding families. That's 80 years, four generations, millions of hams and counting.

quality--& integrity

At Dietz & Watson quality is above all else and integrity is key. We're rooted in a delicious heritage of secret family recipes that have been perfected over generations. While the other guys are cutting corners to save a dime, we’re handcrafting spices, slow-roasting our meat to perfection and investing in responsible manufacturing practices. It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it to deliver premium meats and artisan cheeses to you and your family.

global impact


You want to know how we do things at Dietz & Watson? Well, we are absolutely thrilled you asked.

the process

We're proud to show you everything behind our hypothetical curtain. The truth is, we hate curtains. We’re more “totally-open-transparent-windows” type of people. Here’s the rundown: we’re all about identifying best practices to reduce environmental impacts, we advocate for animal welfare, and we’re focused on giving our employees the best work environment and benefits we can possibly offer. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our Transparency Series, coming soon.

environmental consciousness

You only get one shot at living a great life. Better make it a good one! We like to extend this sentiment to all of our employees by creating the best possible working environment. Not to mention, plenty of opportunities for belly laughs, personal growth and happy, healthy lives. Outside of our walls, we work hard to make sure Mother Nature is living her best life, too. We protect and preserve our environment by using resources efficiently, recycling, reducing waste, and investing in clean energy supplies.

global impact


It's an easy equation: the best products are made from the best ingredients. We carefully source all of our materials from farmers who share our belief that it’s worth the time, work, and effort to make things great.

ingredient transparency


We believe that variety is the hand-crafted spice of life. Over the past 80 years we’ve perfected hundreds of recipes to appeal to every meat and cheese sensibility you can possibly imagine, even catering to popular regional cuisines in different parts of our great country. The result? Hundreds of meats, cheeses, condiments, and snacking items for every member of your family. You can rest assured that if it’s got our name on it, you’re about to embark on an exceptional meat and cheese experience.

Dietz & Watson wellness

our--family thing

Ok. We’ll admit it - life is about more than meat and cheese. It’s about family, friends, neighbors and communities coming together for belly laughs and creating those “just had to be there” moments that go down in your personal history. We love being at the table when those moments are happening - to be a part of the goodness that is shared. That’s what gets us out of bed in the mornings.

our family history