the right way

Making handcrafted meats and cheeses the right way since forever.

what does the right way mean?

It means never cutting corners. Ever. It means all of our spices are blended by hand, not premixed like the other guys. It means cooking, not processing. Like our Virginia Brand Ham, deep marinated then twice-baked to layer the flavors. Sure, it takes more time, but you can taste the difference.

The right way means being transparent about what goes into our food. And what doesn’t. It’s cooking our meats down to their natural weight, so you pay for meat, not water. It’s a commitment to quality that every single employee at Dietz & Watson upholds. Because if it’s not right for us, it’s not right for you. We’ve stuck by this tried-and-true philosophy since day one: doing it the right way, even if it’s the hard way.

They say the proof is in the pudding. Well, in this case, it’s in the meat and cheese. Watch as we break down our process and introduce some of the Dietz & Watson family of employees, all dedicated to doing things the right way.

Louis on the right way

Our CEO explains what doing things 
“the right way” means.

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Vinny on ingredients

When it comes to flavor, we got a guy. A real-deal spice master, Vinny gets in there, mixing all the spices by hand.

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Greg & Sharon on innovation

Longtime employees, Greg and Sharon, talk taste, product development, and how we consistently cultivate new ideas and drive innovation.

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Ashly & Bob on quality

Bob and Ashly encompass everything we’re about: making meats and cheeses that we’re proud to serve our own families. Quality above all else…that’s the right way.

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Talking about the right way is one thing, but the proof is in the taste. Try these Dietz & Watson recipes with our Virginia Brand ham.