virginia brand ham french picnic sandwich

virginia brand ham french picnic sandwich


  • 1 lb Dietz & Watson Virginia Brand Ham
  • 1 pack Steakhouse Onion Cheddar Cheese

  • Round loaf of bread

  • Roasted red bell pepper
Sliced red onions
Basil leaves

  • Sliced olives

  • Sliced tomatoes


  1. First, cut the top of the bread, as seen in the photos, about 2″, and scoop all of the inside of the bread loaf, leaving a 1/2″ shell. Crumble the bread between your fingers or in a food processor and freeze as breadcrumbs for cooking later. Next, brush the inside of the bread shell and underneath the lid with the olive oil.
  2. Then, start to layer your sandwich. First, you place three of your roasted red peppers in the bottom of the shell. Then add the sliced red onions, some torn basil leaves, and olives.
  3. Next, push the slices of D&W Steakhouse Onion Cheddar Cheese into the corners as far as you can, tearing some if need be, so they all fit snugly into the bread shell.
  4. Now we add the first layer of fresh sliced tomatoes, and be sure to season them well with salt and black pepper, too. Scatter a few more basil leaves over the tomatoes.
  5. Layer on the D&W Black Forest Ham and Rosemary Seasoned Ham. Duplicate layers until your bagnat is full!

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