keto christmas tree board

keto christmas tree board


Dietz & Watson Cheddar Cheese, cut out star
Parmesan Crisps
Dietz & Watson Peppadew Cheese
Cubed Dietz & Watson Capocollo
Folded Pistachios, or other desired nuts
Assorted Marinated Olives
Dietz & Watson Manchego, sliced
Dietz & Watson Truffled Salami Medallions Blackberries, or other low carb fruit
Dietz & Watson Pepperoni
Folded Dietz & Watson
3 Prosciutto Panino Sticks


  1. Arrange desired quantity of meat and cheese variety in layers on a large board to create a Christmas tree shape.
  2. Using a cookie cutter, or pairing knife, cut a star shape with cheddar cheese to top.
  3. For the trunk, cut the tip off of 3 prosciutto panino sticks and align together on the bottom of the tree.

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