jalapeño--cheddar dogs

jalapeño cheddar dogs


  • 6 Dietz & Watson Jalapeño Cheddar Beef franks
  • 6 slices of Dietz & Watson Cheddar Cheese
  • 6 extra large jalapeños peppers


  1. Heat grill on high. Trim the tops and bottom off of the jalapeños. Using a spoon, dig out seeds and ribs of each pepper to form a hollow tube. Place jalapeño tubes on grill and cook until charred and remove.
  2. Cut the D&W Jalapeño Cheddar Beef Franks in half lengthwise and grill until cooked. Place a slice of D&W Cheddar Cheese on the halved Jalapeño Cheddar Beef Franks.
  3. Slice the charred jalapeños and wrap around the halved Jalapeño Cheddar Beef Franks.

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