grazing charcuterie cones

grazing charcuterie cones


Dietz & Watson Brie, sliced small
Dietz & Watson Colby Jack Cheese, sliced thin
Dietz & Watson Sweet Abruzzese
Dry Sausage, sliced
Dietz & Watson Salami Slices
About 4 Grapes, 3-4 on a skewer
1 strawberry, halved
1 breadstick

Supplies needed:
Paper for cone or waffle cone


  1. Wrap up a cute paper cone and fill it with your favorite meats, cheeses, fruits, and snacks. Its ok to use whatever is your favorite! Two to three bites of each item.
  2. Start with placing a breadstick in the cone, then add cheese slices.
  3. Next, gently roll thin salami slices around each other to create a flower effect.
  4. Layer in grapes on a skewer, and place strawberry slice on top.
  5. Garnish with fresh flowers or herbs.

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