classic keto--charcuterie board

classic keto charcuterie board


  • Dietz & Watson Champagne Cheddar
  • Dietz & Watson Smoked Gouda Fontina Cheese
  • Dietz & Watson Gouda Cheese
  • Dietz & Watson Mild White Cheddar
  • Dietz & Watson Danish Havarti Cheese
  • Dietz & Watson Genoa Salame
  • Dietz & Watson Black Forest Smoked Ham
  • Dietz & Watson Pepperoni
  • Dietz & Watson Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
  • Dietz & Watson Chorizo Pepper Salame
  • Red Peppers
  • Cucumbers
  • Olives
  • Walnuts


  1. On a medium sized cutting board, arrange all of the different D&W meats across the board, grouping each type of meat together.
  2. Fill in the large, open areas on the board with the different D&W cheeses. Break up the cheeses into grabbable sizes, like breaking apart the Gouda and cutting the Mild White Cheddar Cheese into thin strips.
  3. Add in veggies like cucumber and red pepper around the outside of the board.
  4. Put walnuts and olives in a small bowl.

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