do you like--green eggs and ham?

This Easter, we’re serving up Green Eggs WITH Ham… Chef Ham El-Waylly, that is. He’ll be sharing tasty recipes using delicious Dietz & Watson Originals ham, cheese, fresh eggs, and all kinds of greens. We’re certain you’ll like them here or there. In fact, we’re certain you’ll like them anywhere.

green croque madame

Chef Ham flips the script on the classic French Bistro sandwich using tasty Dietz & Watson Originals German Gruyere Cheese and Originals Uncured Ham topped with a bright green herbed béchamel. Perfect on a boat, with a goat, in the rain, or on a train.

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minty carbonara with ham and peas

A whimsical Seussian take on carbonara made with Dietz & Watson Originals Smoked Ham, Originals Pecorino Romano cheese, fresh mint, and peas. Perfect in a car. Or in a tree. It tastes so good, so good you’ll see.

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easy Easter ham

Looking for more Easter recipe inspo? Our chef-carved dinner hams are not only tasty, they're super easy to make. Plus, what’s better than ham leftovers?

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oh Originals!

Dietz & Watson Originals is a product line that includes deli meats and cheeses, franks and sausages, snacks, and organic options. Every single Originals product has No Antibiotics Ever, no added hormones, and no nitrates or nitrites. Of course, like everything with the Dietz & Watson name on it, they are free from artificial flavors, fillers, and MSG. To give you even more choices, many meats and cheeses in our Originals line are also USDA certified organic.

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the wrap up

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