Dietz & Watson Originals: all about options (organic, too!)

If you know anything about us, you know that we’re all about options. Naturally, we wanted to make sure all the meat ‘n cheese lovers out there had a healthy, easy way to eat fresh, with plenty of “free-from” and organic choices. Meet Dietz & Watson Originals, our no antibiotics ever, hormone-free, and rBGH-free line of deli deliciousness.

what are Dietz & Watson Originals?

Dietz & Watson Originals is a product line that includes deli meats and cheeses, franks and sausages, snacks, and organic options. Every single Originals product has No Antibiotics Ever, no added hormones, and no nitrates or nitrites. Of course, like everything with the Dietz & Watson name on it, they are free from artificial flavors, fillers, and MSG. To give you even more choices, many meats and cheeses in our Originals line are also USDA certified organic. (Like we said, we’re all about options.)

how do i eat organic at home?

At Dietz & Watson, we make eating organic easy with a selection of meats and cheeses from our Originals line. So, if you’re looking to build out an organic at home deli, we suggest starting with these ingredients:

Originals Organic Roasted Turkey Breast
Originals Organic Roasted Chicken Breast
Originals Organic Smoked Ham
Originals Organic Colby Jack Cheese
Originals Organic Beef Franks
Originals Organic Spinach Chicken Sausage
Originals Organic Apple Chicken Sausage

Oh, and don’t forget about the snacks! Keep it organic on-the-go with our Organic Beef Jerky in Chipotle, Teriyaki, Peppered, and Classic.

Now, you’ve got everything you need to start making delicious, healthy sandwiches, wraps, dinners, and more! Here are a couple of our favorite recipes to get you started.

a savory success!

Introducing your new favorite dinner. This sensational meal is made with a blend of fresh zucchini, onion, tomato, and our Organic Spinach Chicken Sausage. Need we say more?

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hot, hot, hot hot dog

The Rocky Mountain Hot Dog packs some major heat. Between the bun you’ll find our Originals Organic Beef Franks, plus green chiles, serrano peppers, and our chipotle mayo for a super spicy kick.

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toast with the most

Forget everything you thought you knew about avocado toast. Our Honey Pot Avocado Toast made with Originals Organic Roasted Turkey, Originals Picante Provolone, and a drizzle of honey, takes the fan-fav treat to an otherworldly level of tastiness.

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it’s slider o’clock somewhere

Say aloha to The Sweet Island Sliders made with our Organic Oven Roasted Chicken. Add some sweet slices of pineapple and relax, you’re on island time now.

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hams up if you love paninis

Fall ham over heels for this sweet & savory panini. Layer on some Originals Organic Black forest Ham, thinly sliced mozzarella and fresh basil leaves. Then top it off with smashed blackberries to achieve true panini perfection.

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so eating organic is that simple?

Yep, pretty simple. Just look for our Originals line at the grocery store or on Amazon Fresh, and you’ll find Organic options for every craving. Sandwich, anyone?

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