the ultimate guide to holiday ham

options for--the whole hamily

Like picking the perfect tree for your living room, you’ve gotta choose the right ham for your table. Our Chef Carved Hams and our Honey Cured Ham will have your guests coming back for another plate. You’ll get the chef compliments without the hassle with the Chef Carved Ham, a boneless ham with real honey glaze and real pineapples. And the Honey Cured Ham will be a crowd favorite with its naturally smoked flavor made with real honey. No matter what kind of gathering you’re hosting, we’ve got flavorful options the whole family will love.

a lesson--from the butcher

To get a quality cut of ham, you gotta know where the cut is coming from. While bacon comes from the belly, the ham comes from the hind leg of the hog. Bacon = Belly. Ham = Hind Leg. Ham is always cured with salt unless it’s All Natural Uncured Ham, which is preserved with celery powder. Serving it up as the main course? Go with the inside cut as it’s leaner with less fat, as compared to the outside cut which will be fattier.

no secrets--at the table

While this holiday season may not be the year you finally get the family’s secret recipe, we’re happy to share ours with you. Because quality calls for transparency every step of the way. And where our hams are born and raised is an important part of our process. That’s why they’re raised to not only meet current humane handling standards, but exceed them, all right here on North American family farms.

a cut above

From crave-worthy flavor to quality that can’t be beat, a Dietz & Watson Ham is the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table. Everything about it belongs on the nice list. Along with being fresh, never frozen, gluten free, and no MSG, our hams are single-muscle, which means we never mix top cuts and bottom cuts. This makes for a consistent texture, color and taste that not even your in-laws could complain about. Plus, they’re hand-trimmed rather than the standard machine chopped and formed square stuff. Then we slow-cure them. Because good things take time, and ham is no different.

‘tis the seasoning

Dietz & Watson Hams are dressed with the best. Before they are cooked, we hand-season them with all-natural ingredients, including real honey and real maple. Looking for something that’s spent some time by the yule log? Dietz & Watson Hams are cooked and smoked in smokehouses so you won’t get that artificial smoke flavor.

a healthier--holiday ham

Made with only five ingredients, no added nitrates or nitrites, and no animal by-products, the Dietz & Watson Classic All Natural Uncured Ham is the real deal. And since it’s cured with celery powder, it doesn’t have the large amount of sodium typically required for curing. Look for the Healthy Lifestyle seal on our classic, all natural uncured ham to give the family something as healthy as it is tasty.

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