sharkuterie board

sharkuterie board


  • Dietz & Watson Originals Cheddar Cheese Mild
  • Dietz & Watson Originals Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wedge
  • Dietz & Watson Chorizo Medallions
  • Dietz & Watson Genoa Salami
  • Dietz & Watson Pre-Sliced Proscuitto


  1. Begin by overlapping slices of genoa salami at the bottom of the board.
  2. Next, cut your cheddar cheese into narrow triangles to act as your “shark teeth” and arrange on top of your salami.
  3. Then, roll up slices of genoa salami and place directly above your pepperoni.
  4. Take a few slices of prosciutto, roll them up and place one half along each side of the board.
  5. Above your array of genoa salami, fill the your top half of the board with chorizo medallions, giving it a half oval shape.
  6. Cut two small circles of cheese to place over your chorizo medallions to act as your shark eyes. Add a small black olive over each cheese circle.
  7. Slice the remainder of your cheddar cheese into squares and place along both sides of your salami.
  8. Take a full block of parmesan cheese and place diagonally at very bottom of the board.
  9. To add extra color, place a handful of green grapes, strawberries, nuts, olives and apricots across the board.
  10. Finish off with your favorite crackers.

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