grilled cherrywood smoked ham and cheese

grilled cherrywood smoked ham and cheese

This melty, toasty sandwich from Chef Ham uses our NEW Cherrywood Smoked Ham from and is extra tasty!


  1. Dietz & Watson Cherrywood Smoked Ham
  2. Dietz & Watson Swiss Cheese
  3. Dietz & Watson Spicy Brown Mustard
  4. 1 cup cranberry preserves
  5. 1/3 Calabrian Chile
  6. Sliced bread of your choice, we recommend sesame sourdough


  1. Mix Dietz & Watson Spicy Brown Mustard with cranberry preserves and Calabrian Chile
  2. Spread spicy mixture on one slice of bread
  3. Start layering. First Dietz & Watson Swiss Cheese then add Dietz & Watson Cherrywood Smoked Ham, top with another slice of bread
  4. Drop into a buttered skillet and cook until brown and crispy, flip and repeat.
  5. Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and enjoy!

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