grab a brat, grab your stein, it’s oktoberfest time!

Oktoberfest is a whole holiday dedicated to music, beer, and Bavarian food. And we just so happen to know a thing or two about the latter. At Dietz & Watson, we’re still using the same family recipes that our founder, Gottlieb Dietz, brought over from Germany over 80 years ago. So, if you’re looking for authentic Oktoberfest food minus the plane ticket, we’ve got you covered.


beer-braised brats

Anything braised in beer should be an automatic add to your Oktoberfest menu, and our beer braised brats do not disappoint. For these meaty masterpieces you’re going to need Dietz & Watson Bratwursts, whole grain dijon mustard, and an appetite as big as a biergarten.

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mustard & soft pretzels

Mustard & soft pretzels are as crucial to an Oktoberfest party as dirndls and lederhosen. And not to brag or anything, but we happen to make 14 different varieties of mustard. Set up a dipping station for 14x the fun.

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landjaeger charcuterie

With a name like “landjaeger” you know they’re authentically Geraman. These naturally smoked, dry-cured sausage snacks are the perfect addition to any Oktoberfest charcuterie board. Plus, they’re packed with protein to keep you energized through a night full of dancing.

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prost-worthy style

Is it even Oktoberfest if you’re not dressed in meat and cheese apparel from head to toe? Put lederhosen to shame in this Oktoberfest Long Sleeved Tee and Beer Mug.

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perfect pairings

Some things in life are better together, especially sausage and beer. These are our favorite brat and brew pairings for Oktoberfest season.

Originals Black Forest Bratwurst & Pale Lager

Cheddarwurst & Passion Fruit IPA&

Originals Beef Frank & Cream Ale

Kielbasa & Pilsner