introducing cherrywood smoked ham

we’re welcoming a new product to our ham fam with sandwich recipes and a little AR fun.

What’s smoked, slightly sweet and great to eat? Our Cherrywood Smoked Ham, of course. This new product features a mild flavor that pairs deliciously with a variety of our cheeses and condiments. Check out these sandwich recipes that are sure to make lunchtime even sweeter. And, while you’re checkin them out on the recipe page, take a look at our “See it on my table” feature. We believe it will help you to digitally manifest the Cherrywood Smoked Ham sandwich of your dreams.

cherrywood smoked ham --& sauerkraut on sourdough

Our Cherrywood Smoked Ham balances out other complementary flavors in this sandwich recipe. Simply take some sourdough bread and pile on a few slices of Cherrywood Smoked Ham, our sliced Swiss Cheese, and sauerkraut for a sandwich that tastes exactly like the ones from your favorite local deli.

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cherrywood smoked --ham & swiss

This recipe really leans into the mild flavor notes of Cherrywood Smoked Ham. Just pile the ham high on your favorite roll and top with slices of our Swiss Cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. And enjoy!

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Chef Ham’s cherrywood --smoked ham sandwich

This last recipe is straight from the kitchen of Chef Ham El-Waylly! First he makes the condiment by mixing cherry preserves with spicy mustard and calabrian chili for a little heat. Next, he spreads the condiments on sliced sesame sourdough and adds our Swiss Cheese, Cherrywood Smoked Ham and throws it in a lightly buttered pan to get all melty, toasty, and extra tasty. Chef Ham, you’ve done it again!

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To experience our Cherrywood Smoked Ham for yourself, ask for it at your local deli counter. Be sure to tag us in your sandwich creations on social for a chance to be featured.

the wrap up

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