healthy, but --make it delicious.

Eating well shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice flavor. We’ve taken the guesswork out of healthier eating with these delicious recipes and our Gourmet Lite line – selections of our favorite meats with lower fat and sodium. Now you can have your lunch and eat it too.

Gourmet Lite: Healthier lifestyle selections, from our family to yours.

We realized the need for delicious heart-healthier selections when one of our beloved Dietz family members suffered some heart issues. Adjusting to this new lifestyle was a challenge and the flavorful deli turkey he loved could no longer be a part of his restricted diet. Never one to shy away from a challenge, we used this opportunity to lean into innovation and create delicious deli turkey meat with only 240 mg of sodium as opposed to the typical 440 mg. And, we developed the rest of the Gourmet Lite line to appeal to families adjusting to restricted diets everywhere. From our family to yours, here’s to your health.

Turkey lettuce wraps.
Pita sammies
Green goddess sandwich
Green goddess salad
Lettuce taco wraps
Grilled Meat Salad

healthier eating with gourmet lite

Try this selection of delicious meats with lower sodium and fat. All the flavor you love with none of the stuff that doesn’t love you back.

the wrap up

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