the Dietz deets--on deli meat

you’ve got deli meat questions. we’ve got deli meat answers.--(we also have actual, delicious deli meat. you should try some.)

Is deli meat processed? Can it be frozen? How long can it last out of the fridge?!? Who ate my sandwich!?!?! RELAX. We’ve got answers to your top deli meat questions… except maybe that last one.

is deli meat processed?

Yes. All deli meat is ”processed.”. But processed isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s a safe thing. Technically processed just means a food has been altered for ease of use or preservation. That could be as simple as, say, pre-cut watermelon. While we often think of processed meat as containing fillers, binders, and other weird stuff (things we at Dietz & Watson never do), processed meat is just meat that has already been cooked. Long story short, if your deli meat is processed, that can simply mean it’s pre-cooked and ready for eating. But it's best to look for brands that are minimally processed, and open and honest about how they make their food. (You know, like us.)

can deli meat be frozen?

Ok, here’s what every sandwich lover should know about getting the most out of their Dietz & Watson deli meat. First, always keep your meat refrigerated. For freshness on the go, we recommend using an insulated tote or lunch bag with ice packs. Second, our pre-packaged products are meant to be enjoyed up to the ‘use by’ date as long as the package is unopened and refrigerated. Once opened, enjoy it within 3-5 days. Third, you can totally freeze your deli meat! To keep it as fresh as possible, freeze it in an unopened package and it will be good for up to two months. However, we like to think our meats are way too delicious to wait that long.

how long can meat--last out of the fridge?

You know when you’re so totally immersed in the deliciousness of your sandwich, that you forget to put away the deli meat? We’ve all been there! But don’t worry, deli meat can last for up to two hours without refrigeration. Anything past that… it’s probably best to head back to your deli for a fresh supply. Tell them we said, “how you doin.”

You are now well-equipped for a future full of successful deli meat eating. You can always count on Dietz & Watson to answer all of your meat and cheese questions. Happy sandwiching!

meet the Dietz meats

Our deli meats are hand spiced, slow roasted, and sliced fresh. And there’s no artificial flavors, fillers, colors or MSG, ever. Find these classics and more at your local deli or supermarket.

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