valentines day recipes--that will melt your heart


Forget dinner reservations and roses. This Valentine’s Day, nothing says “I Love You” like a giant pot of gloriously gooey cheese. In honor of the cheesiest day of the year, we’ve created four deliciously melty meat & cheese fondue pairings that you can whip up at home to win the heart (and stomach) of your Valentine.


roasted garlic cheddar--& vinno rosso

Our roasted garlic cheddar cheese is blended with garlic and chives for a smooth and mellow fondue, while our traditionally seasoned Vino Rosso adds a bolder flavor with a hint of sweetness from burgundy wine. We added roasted tomato and pita bread for extra dippable-ness. Cupid would definitely approve of this pair.

cheddar cheese

aged gouda--& genoa salami

“You and I go together like gouda and salami,” is what you’ll be saying after trying this tasty combo. The aged gouda cheese makes for light, buttery and slightly nutty fondue, while the spices in our authentic genoa salami bring a nice flavor kick. Add your favorite bread and get dippin’!

aged gouda
Aged Gouda & Genoa Salami

Peppadew Cheddar & Sopressata

peppadew cheddar--& sopressata

Say “be mine” to this rich and subtly spicy cheddar fondue made with peppadew and sweet piquante peppers. We recommend pairing with our bold, hearty, pork sopressata and topping it all off with a crispy slice of garlic bread.


manchego--& chorizo

This nutty, almost carmelly Manchego cheese fondue balances out the spiciness in our 100% antibiotic-free, savory pork chorizo. Bring some apple slices into the mix for a touch of sweetness, then be prepared to fall in love.

Manchego & Chorizo