it pizza night!--get a little extra

Picture this. A perfectly crispy, doughy crust, drenched in that classic red sauce, all underneath a beautiful mountain of melty, gooey cheese, and topped with everything your heart desires. If there’s any day to get a little extra with the pizza toppings, it’s this Saturday, National Pizza Day. We’ve got three ‘top your own’ pizza recipes that will help you celebrate the best day of the year

prosciutto--party pie

The aptly named ‘Prosciutto Party Pie’ is like a meaty, cheesy celebration for your tastebuds. Sprinkle some spinach on top of a classic pie, layer on slices of our antibiotic-free Originals Prosciutto, drop on spoonfuls of goat cheese, then top it all off with a generous drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

Prosciutto Party Pie
the cheese monster

the cheese--monster

A cheese pizza topped with cheese? Yeah, we went there. This monstrously melty pie is made with not one, not two, but five different kinds of cheese. Start with your classic cheese and sauce base, then pile on our Originals Monterey Jack, picante provolone, mild yellow cheddar, and premium mozzarella cheeses. Pop it in the oven til it’s all melted and surrender to beautiful cheese nirvana.

originals monterey jack

el chorizo--supreme

Pizza night is about to get supremely spicy with this divinely meaty pie. Add as much Originals chorizo to your pie as you please, then sprinkle on some spinach and chopped onions, and BAM — you just made earth’s tastiest culinary achievement even tastier.

originals chorizo
el chorizo supreme