it's a family thing

what's that thing that--makes family

It’s that thing where every time you think about it, you smile. That thing that brings different ways of thinking together to make one fresh, new way of thinking. That thing that turns friends into Framily. That thing that lets a shoulder be the shoulder to cry on even when that shoulder is thousands of miles away.

It’s hard to define it. But whatever that weird, magical, magnificent thing is, at Dietz & Watson we believe it’s a good thing. A family thing.

Dietz & Watson--it’s a family thing.

And we believe the world will always need as much of that thing as it can get. That’s why we make the kind of food we do. Because more often than not, when that thing is happening there’s food in between. And we believe it should be good food. Food that primes the conversation pump. Food that says “Come as you are. Act like you do. And keep it up for like…forever.”

Our family thing is obsessively crafting that kind of food. And we like to think that because we do it the way we do it, we help make that family thing just a little bit more of …you know…a thing.

the wrap up

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