easy & delicious brown bag lunches with Dietz & Watson Originals

School is almost back in session so let’s give some love to the OG of lunch: the Brown Bag. We’ve got easy and tasty sandwich recipes made with flavorful meats and cheeses from our Originals line. And for the creative types, some fun brown bag craft ideas! This year, everyone can hold up their brown bag lunch with pride.

step up your sandwich game--with Originals

Looking to fill that brown bag with flavor? Check out Dietz & Watson Originals. These meats, cheeses and snacks are made with No Antibiotics Ever, no added hormones, and no nitrates or nitrites. Plus, they’re free from artificial flavors, fillers, and MSG. Oh, and many Originals products are USDA certified organic. Talk about options! Check out our Originals blog post to learn more!

low key delicious--brown bag sandwich recipes

Don’t be fooled! Just because these sandwiches are easy to make doesn’t mean they’re not loaded with flavor. We’ve got such a large variety of flavorful meats, cheeses, and condiments, you could create a different sandwich for every day of the school year.

To start, try these recipes and see for yourself what wonderful and delicious things can indeed come in simple brown paper packages.

the zesty ham provolone

All it takes is a few minutes to throw together this zesty little number. It’s made with our slow smoked Originals Uncured Black Forest Ham, that smoky flavor of Pre-Sliced Smoked Provolone and complemented with the “zing” of our Zesty Honey Mustard on sourdough bread. If you’re smart, you’ll make two (one for now and one for later).

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The Zesty Ham Provolone

One Hot Turkey Sandwich

one hot turkey sandwich

This spicy turkey sandwich will have you counting down the minutes to the lunchtime bell. The sweet, smokey flavors of our Originals Applewood Smoked Turkey Breast are paired with our spicy Originals Pepper Jack Cheese and given an extra kick with Red Pepper Mayo on multigrain bread. Gobble til you wobble!

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herd of buffalo--sliders

Look, there on the horizon! It’s a herd of Buffalo Sliders! They call for our famous Buffalo Style Chicken Breast and creamy Originals Baby Swiss with a generous smear of spicy Red Pepper Mayo on buttery Hawaiian rolls. Enjoy every bite because they’re sure to disappear just as fast as they stampede in.

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Herd of Buffalo Sliders

Brown Bag Fun!

brown bag fun!

When packing up that brown bag, don’t stop at delicious. Make sure it’s fun, too! We’ve got lunchtime jokes and sandwich-themed printable coloring pages to get back to school with a smile.

back-to-school--lunch jokes

Welcome to the cafeteria comedy club! Have lunch and a laugh with these back-to-school jokes. Just put the setup on the front of the bag and the punchline on a post-it note inside.

What does your computer do for lunch?

Has a byte!

What’s a math teacher’s favorite dessert?


Matt had 10 sandwiches. He ate 5 of them. What does he have now?

A tummy ache.

bag decorating

Boring brown bags? Never! Get crafty and plus up that paper with these easy and fun decorating tips.

  1. Break Out The Stickers: Jazz up your bag with your very own Dietz & Watson stickers. Don’t stop there! Tap into your inner artist and add some drawings with markers and crayons.
  2. Dress It Up With A Ribbon: Here’s an easy way to make lunch as pretty as it is tasty: Fold the top of the bag over, punch two holes in the top, and tie!
  3. Paper Bag Puppets: Pack a couple of googly eye stickers and markers inside the lunch bag to make your very own puppet.
  4. Dietz & Watson Printable Coloring Pages: Add a fun surprise to lunch! Download and print out our free coloring pages, then slip it in a lunch bag with a few crayons. You’ll make any meal a masterpiece.

There you have it, folks! Try these delicious recipes and fun crafts and activities and salute the brown bag. Next time you’re at the grocery store, load up on our large variety of meats, cheeses, condiments, and snacks and you’ll ace lunchtime. Visit our Instagram @dietzandwatson and tag us in your brown bag masterpieces for a chance to be featured.