cheese --the day!

We make premium cheeses with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship that clearly showcase the dedication of our skilled cheese artisans. From aged and goat gouda to bold blue to flavored wedges, each is a testament to our passion for creating the most exceptional cheeses on the planet.

it’s all gouda!

Gouda is good! Recognizable, approachable, and familiar, it’s always a crowd pleaser.

The aged gouda we source is a product of the Netherlands, made by artisan cheesemakers and aged for 18 months. During aging, it’s moved through different zones of temperature to develop its unique flavor profile. It has a firm paste, studded with crunchy crystals that provide pops of texture. The crystals in this case are an aggregate of the amino acid Tyrosine, which develop over time in a well-aged cheese. Tyrosine aids in the production of several brain chemicals including dopamine, which could be why they say eating well-aged cheese makes a person feel good–or feel gouda in this case!

Gouda’s flavor profile is deep and complex, starting off a little salty and pleasantly bitter. Those flavors then develop into notes of roasted nuts, brown butter, and deep caramel. The finish is long and slightly funky. Aged Gouda is a true gem.

Collection of snacks including nuts and mini sandwiches.

Finger sandwiches.

the g.o.a.t. gouda

This is a lowkey sneaky cheese that often takes folks by surprise. Firstly, because many people associate “goat cheese” with the common fresh chèvre style logs. They’re taken aback when they find goat’s milk cheeses in all types of styles and formats. Secondly, because it’s delicious and tastes nothing like its chèvre counterparts. Goat Gouda is sweet, mild, and very creamy with a semi-firm texture, creating a smooth bite and tangy finish.

feeling blue?

Blue cheese is an excellent choice for elevating both savory and sweet dishes. Its rich, tangy flavor profile and creamy texture adds a distinctive touch to salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes.

Our blue is an extraordinarily approachable one. Crafted on a lush green island in Denmark, it’s a perfect expression of the region’s bright and sunny terroir. It’s less crumbly than others, with a slightly higher moisture content contributing to its fudgy texture.

Sandwich with blue cheese dressing.

wedge with an edge

say cheese wedge!

Our pasteurized processed cheese wedges are crafted with 100% natural cheese as the primary ingredient, aged for 9 months in Upstate New York. They never contain artificial additives, and all the flavorings are derived from real ingredients, not powders. The milk is sourced from the Upstate Niagara Co-Op, made up of over 300 family-owned farms committed to cow care and quality products.

This cheese melts beautifully and is perfect for everything from mac & cheese to grilled cheeses to au gratin potatoes.

the wrap up

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