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when it comes to back-to-school eats, we’ve got your back(pack)

See ya, summer! Those dog days are coming to an end and that means it’s time to get back to the grind. While you’re busy planning wardrobes, organizing schedules, and tackling that school supply list, we’ll do our best to keep those lunchboxes full.

it’s sandwich szn!

The art of great sandwich making begins at the deli counter. In fact, if you’ve got the right ingredients, they practically make themselves. That’s where we come in. Our deli meats and cheeses are handcrafted with no fillers or artificial junk and are sourced from the best farms in the biz. All for a price that can’t be beat. Did you know that a pound of Dietz & Watson deli meat makes about 8 sandwiches? That’s enough to feed the Brady Bunch!

here are some of our favorite meat and cheese combos that are perfect for the lunchbox

  • Originals Uncured Black Forest Ham & Cheddar: Cheddar goes with just about everything, but it especially compliments our Black Forest Ham. The sharpness of the Cheddar is the perfect balance for that smoky flavor we all love.
  • Originals Oven Roasted Turkey Breast & Havarti: Havarti is smooth and buttery with a slight acidity taste - and it’s great in bread with turkey.
  • Honey Ham & Brie: The sweetness of our Honey Ham is perfectly paired with a mild and creamy Brie for a crowd-pleasing flavor combo. If your lunch station is equipped with a toaster oven, don’t be afraid to heat it up for a melty lunchtime treat.

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A spread of Dietz & Watson meat and cheese with bread and condiments

snacks on snacks--on snacks

Ever heard the phrase “you don’t win friends with salad?” Well, the opposite is true for snacks. And, if we have anything to do with it, you’re going to become a member of the on-the-go snacking elite from day one. We’ve got a variety of perfectly portable, protein-packed snacks that fit into any school or work schedule, plus a few new standouts that are sure to be the stars of your pantry.

Dietz & Dats

Say hello to protein-packed, grab-and-go snack packs filled with premium Dietz & Watson meats and cheeses. We’re talkin’ all the good stuff – our flavorful meat and cheese combos all paired with dried fruits, nuts, and crunchy Melba Toast.

  • Dried Salami, Mild Provolone, Melba Toast & Cashews
  • Chorizo, Pepper Jack Cheese, Melba Toast & Dried Mango
  • Hot Salami, Fontina Cheese, Melba Toast & Dried Cranberry
  • Milano Salami, Asiago Cheese, Melba Toast & Salted Almond

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Four packs of Dietz & Dats snack packs

Three flavors of Dietz Chips

Dietz Chips

Stay with us here. Dietz Chips are not regular chips, they’re bite-sized pickle slices with none of the brine. Why? Because we LOVE pickles and wanted to make them easy to eat on-the-go. While we were at it, we made them in these deliciously cool flavors.

  • Dietz Chips with sweet and spicy horseradish
  • Dietz Chips garlic & dill
  • Dietz Chips spicy dill

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From our family to yours, we hope you have a very happy and healthy back-to-school season. If you haven’t already, give us a follow on Instagram @dietzandwatson for recipes and more fun and festive fall content.

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