big game tips with --(an) usher

This year, (an) usher is in the house with highlight-worthy entertainment that’ll rival any halftime show.
Tune in for all kinds of tasty content and winning recipes made with delicious Dietz & Watson meats and cheeses.

A Dietz hoagie.

(an) usher’s hoagie

(an) Usher knows the ultimate Big Game food has to be shareable. And this giant 9-in-1 hoagie made with premium Buffalo Chicken, Italian specialties, London Broil Roast Beef, and more is a super savory sure thing that’ll satisfy the hungriest of fans.

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(an) usher’s nuts

(an) Usher agrees–there’s nothing better than a handful of Dietz Nuts during the Big Game! These protein-packed savory sausage bites are the perfect snack for the whole team.

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Bite sized snack meats.

A chessboard looking cutting board with bit sized meat and cheese stacks.

(an) usher’s board

Score big with (an) Usher’s spread of savory delicacies. With bold flavors like Buffalo Wing Cheddar and sliced Sriracha Chicken this board will have the home team cheering for more.

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(an) usher’s dogs

Grab a seat and dig into the ultimate stadium snack–legendary Dietz Dogs! (an) Usher knows these handcrafted uncured dogs plump up nice and juicy when you grill ‘em. They’re made the right way with premium hand-trimmed beef and pork and no artificial flavors, fillers, or mystery-anything. So they’re perfect for your most fanatical friends and fam!

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Dietz charcuterie
A bag of dietz chips sit beside three hotdogs sitting on a piece of parchment.
Mini sandwiches with football shaped bread.

winning snacks

When it comes to game time snacking, Dietz & Watson covers the spread. Whether it’s protein-packed Dietz Nuts or crispy Dietz Chips Pickle Chips, we’ve got all the MVP snacks that are guaranteed wins.