1939 was a big year. Gottlieb Dietz met Walter Watson and developed his original German Bratwurst recipe. Four generations and hundreds of recipes later, we still stand by Gottlieb’s unwavering dedication to quality, family and delicious food.

gottlieb dietz'##historic beginnings

1922##1st generation

In 1922, our founding great-grandfather, Gottlieb Dietz, fled the crumbling economy of post-WWI Germany and planted his family roots in Philadelphia. Here, he perfected his skills as a sausage maker for nearly two decades before purchasing The Watson Meat Company in 1939. The original facility was located next to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge on the Delaware River in Philadelphia’s Old City. This historic neighborhood inspired many of the time-honored family recipes that are still used today.

momma Dietz, a prime example of dedication,--worked tirelessly as chairperson until 2019--at 94 years old.

1942##2nd generation

Gottlieb’s daughters, Ruth and Lore, began working for their father in the Summer of 1942. Ruth was just 14 years old, and this was the start of her lifelong dedication to the family business – a commitment that eventually earned her the name “Momma Dietz.” In 1957, she ushered in the iconic diamond logo for the first time on packaging and marketplace signage. Momma Dietz remained the company’s chairperson until 2019.

the world meets##momma dietz

growth rooted in family,##quality and integrity

1975##3rd generation

Where there is an unwavering dedication to quality, success and expansion is inevitable. In 1975, we outgrew our Old City home and set our sights on a larger, more modern facility and moved to our current location in Northeast Philadelphia. It’s here that Gottlieb's grandchildren, Louis Eni Jr., Cindy Eni Yingling, and Chris Eni honed their skills, and they eventually expanded the brand nationally. Despite this growth, the focus on family, quality and integrity remained Dietz & Watson’s guiding principles.

today##4th generation

A lot of things have changed since 1939, but we see to it that the most important things remain the same. These are the things we credit to Dietz & Watson’s success over the past 80 years. We like to think Gottlieb would be proud that the recipes from his timeworn book are still being used today and that, despite all the technology available, we still handcraft our spice blends and slow-roast our meat. We’re excited that our family continues to serve yours. We believe everyone who has dedicated their hard work to our company has had a hand in making us who we are today. Coworkers, friends and neighbors are all part of our extended family and, together, we’re supplying the highest-quality products to deli counters, corner markets and grocery stores all across the country. We’d like to thank our partners for carrying our line of premium meats and artisan cheeses. Your hard work motivates and inspires us daily, and we’re committed to giving you the best our family has to offer.

a look to##the future

Dietz & Watson,--it's a family thing.