wait...--what does that--ingredient mean?

There’s only one thing we enjoy almost as much as making premium meats and artisan cheeses, it’s talking about how we make premium meats and artisan cheeses. You see, we’re proud of our process and we get pretty excited to spill the deets.


Citric Acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits. We use it in several products to prevent the natural fat from separating from the muscle for improved texture and taste. Fun fact: You can use this in place of vinegar or lemon juice in recipes!

Lactic Acid--Starter Culture

You know what they say, it takes Lactic Acid Starter Culture to tango. Ok, that’s not exactly how it goes, but this product provides that nice, tangy flavor to our sausages.

Nonfat--Dry Milk

A dab'll do ya! We add a little Nonfat Dry Milk to some of our poultry items for a hint of sweetness and smooth texture.


Light salt – potassium salt, gives a salt flavor without the addition of added sodium found in regular salt.


Do you like tender meat? We sure do. That’s why we use Sodium Phosphate to balance the pH of the protein to create a moist, tender product with a delicious tender texture.


Derived from sugar, Sodium Erythorbate is closely related to Vitamin C and works in conjunction with Sodium Nitrites to increase the effectiveness of the curing process. The results: the delicious perfectly cured meats you know and love.


Carrageenan is an all-natural ingredient derived from seaweed. We know you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is seaweed doing in my meat??” Well, it binds to protein to improve texture and it’s totally flavorless. Carrageenan is only necessary in our pre-sliced Originals Poultry to keep the product from falling apart when it’s being pulled out of the package. Because shredded deli meat is not premium. You'll also find this ingredient on the labels of your favorite ice creams, natural toothpaste and candy bars!