Boring blandwiches begone! This back-to-school season we’re putting the fun back in lunch with tasty recipes that’ll surely keep the kids smiling. Whether it’s sandwiches, wraps, rollups, or snacks, we’ve got all the DELIcious meats and cheeses to feed that Funchtime feeling!

Add a little fun to their lunch with these delicious, nutritious Funchtime recipes.

turkey and cheese--starwiches

Made with our Dietz & Watson Oven Classic Turkey Breast and Dietz & Watson White American Cheese, these starwiches will light up their lunchbox.

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ham and salami--smiles

Go from hungry to happy with these tasty smiles made with Dietz & Watson Genoa Salami, Dietz & Watson Virginia Brand Ham, and Dietz & Watson White American Cheese.

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turkey and cheese--wraps

Show ‘em your wrap game is tight with these tasty wraps made with our Dietz & Watson Gourmet Lite Turkey and Dietz & Watson Yellow American Cheese.

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Kick off the school year right with A-plus Dietz & Watson meats and cheeses like Gourmet Lite Turkey, Gourmet Chicken Breast, White & Yellow American cheese, Virginia Brand Ham, and Baby Swiss cheese–all perfect for making fun lunch favorites for the whole fam.