nitrate-free--at a glance

We’ve always been about giving our customers what they want, and pride ourselves in providing a variety of choices at the deli and beyond.

Nitrates are a type of salt commonly used in making cured meats, like hot dogs or bacon. They are found in small amounts in processed meats, and in larger amounts in foods like vegetables and even drinking water. While there is very little evidence that they’re harmful, more and more consumers are choosing meats that are not cured with nitrates. So our chefs found a natural way to get that traditional cured meat color and flavor without them. As a result, we’re pleased to announce that by the end of 2020, we will no longer use nitrates or nitrites in the curing process for our sliced meats, including turkey, chicken breast, ham and roast beef.

Many consider Dietz & Watson a pioneer in the “better-for-you” deli category. It’s a superlative we’re very proud of and we’ll continue to provide our customers with the healthiest and most delicious artisan meats and cheeses in the market.


Nitrate-free diet? These recipies are perfect for you.