holiday charcuterie pairings

If you’ve ever stared at a wide selection of meats and cheeses wondering which ones pair well together, you’re not alone. This year we’ve taken the guesswork out of your holiday charcuterie with these inspired boards. Extra points if you enjoy them with your favorite seasonal bevvie!

beaujolais to the world!

This board features our earthy and creamy Brie, sweet Peppadew and Monterey Jack and nutty Gruyere with Rustico Salami, Originals Chorizo Medallions, Sweet Sopressata and a crunchy baguette. Serve with this year’s vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau, a highly anticipated limited release every holiday season. The high acidity and low tannins of the young gamay will balance the rich flavors of the meats and cheeses beautifully.


angels we have heard on cider

We’ve paired our tangy blue cheese, sweet and mild Cranberry Goat Cheese and earthy Camembert with our savory Turkey Landjaeger, Turkey Dietz Nuts and sweet Honey Maple Swiss Sausage. Serve with apple slices, multigrain crackers and your favorite apple cider or hard cider.

sweetie’s on the nice list

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this board is for you! Our sweet and mild Cranberry Goat Cheese, snuggles up with our creamy Brie and mild Champagne Cheddar. Complement with Originals Sweet Sopressata Snacks, Honey Maple Dietz Nuts, mixed nuts of your choice, blackberries, dates, yogurt raisins and pretzels. Then, grab your favorite mug and fill with your favorite hot chocolate (spiked if you’re feeling a bit naughty).

what are you eating new years eve?

Eat up and get ready for the countdown. Our mild and nutty Originals Baby Swiss is complemented by Champagne Cheddar, intense caramel and salty Aged Gouda and tangy Blue Cheese. Truffle Salami Medallions and Prosciutto represent “Team Meat.” Serve with your favorite Champagne to deliciously balance its acidity.

No matter how you’re celebrating this year, we hope these boards get you in the holiday spirit. Try them out this season or invent some new flavor combos of your own! Find all of your charcuterie needs at a store near you.

the wrap up

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